The Conch Girl Project

Recipe for S’s Kitchen:
Mashed Potatoes, Pork Chop, and Egg Fried Green Beans

Street published on Feb 28, 2023


  • The oyster sauce and fish sauce and soy sauce, all what familiar to you. 
  • Steve’s music, very 2000s, like the music you heard in those restaurants where Western food is served when you were a kid.
  • Various buddha decorations guarding on the top of the cabinets.
  • A fridge with clear division of vegetables, dairy products, alcohol, and meat. 
  • Well-equipped kitchen that shows the age of this kitchen, and history of the owner.


  • You didn’t know what this black baggy thing is until you uncover it—it’s the tea Steve made. The cover is to slow down the cooling process. How cute it is for a tea pot to have its own sleeping bag. 

  • You then find out that everything has its own thing that watches out for them. There is a tank for the unripe banana, a stainless steel cap for lidless wine, an owl ceramic holder for spatula, an electric lighter for the stove top, and ample utensils for everyone. 

  • You started to cook scrambled green beans with eggs since age 13, it’s fast and simple, but no one outside your hometown knows about this dish. You learned how to cook mashed potatoes and pork chop here, in New York City. You learned it from a meal kit menu, which taught you to mash sour cream into the potatoes. You didn’t find any sour cream at Steve’s, so you used salad cream instead. 

  • You don’t normally stay in the kitchen after you done cooking. But S is overly nice so you felt you have to. S liked the food, and your way of working very much. You supposed your hassling in his kitchen became a way of entertainment for S on this Sunday morning. He insisted that he would clean the kitchen himself, and showed you around the famous view at the pier of Hoboken. Along the way he told you about fun facts about Hoboken, but you would only remember this one: that the first ice cream cone appeared here at Hoboken. 

S’s Response

S is a discret person. We had 14 emails back and forth of his asking me to make the fridge exterior photos blurrier and blurrier. He also asked me to not paste the posters anywhere near his place.