The Conch Girl Project

Recipe for Fanxy’s Kitchen:
Egg Fried Vermicelli with Kimchi

Street published on June 11, 2023


  • You were welcomed in by THREE people altogether. A new record. After letting you in, one of them asked if they could watch you cook. You said no. You trapped them into one bedroom.

  • You opened the curtain that divided the kitchen from the living-room-turn-bedroom to let light in. You silently apologized before doing that. This is a common cohabiting situation among Chinese students: to save money, the living room was also used as a bedroom. It is imaginable that this apartment is often crowded. Just like the fridge, and the empty bottles assemble. 

  • A few moments later, someone rang the doorbell. You knocked on the bedroom door to inform them about this visitor, and one of them came out to let them in–it turned out that it was the FOURTH person that would wait for your performance. You didn’t expect that, did you?

  • Although no one was in the livingroom any more, you kept feeling gazed. You could hear them gossiping in the room, and you could understand every single word they said. Their presence was very strong. 

  • At one point, a roommate walked out from one of the bedrooms, and asked what you were doing. Apparently they were not too informed about your visit. They then asked if they could use the kitchen, to which you said yes. You didn’t feel like you had a fair reason to say no.


  • Among all the crowdedness, you noticed the giant casserole. It is a rare sight in the kitchen you have visited so far. 

  • You then gathered the ingredients for a casserole dish. The inviters didn’t get groceries for this visit, but luckily you found quite enough ingredients for four. 

  • After cooking and cleaning, you closed the curtain for the living-room-turned-bedroom, silently apologizing once again.

Fanxy’s Response