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11–22–2023       (010)The Conch Girl Project at Xiangting’s Kitchen
is published at West 21st Street & 11th Avenue, New York, NY

08–24–2023       (009)
The Conch Girl Project
is on view at
The Sounds Crickets Make
Parsons MFA Photography Thesis Show
from August 21 to September 21, 2023

06–28–2023       (008)
The Conch Girl’s Cookbook, Issue One
is now available!

06–11–2023       (007)
The Conch Girl Project at Fanxy’s Kitchen
is published at Steward Street & Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

06–11–2023       (006)
The Conch Girl Project at Flower’s Kitchen
is published at Whipple Street & Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

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The Conch Girl Project

In this socially engaged project that utilizes cooking to co-nurture the mutual care for strangers in New York City, Sidian Liu asks strangers to let her use their kitchens in solitude--in return, she cooks them a meal. The photos from each kitchen visit will later be printed large and wheat-pasted on the green construction boards on the New York City streets. The street publication is both a presentation and an open call that invites future collaboration. 

The following recipes document stories behind each kitchen visit.


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